portal introduction

  • Editing posts:

Click on the paper and pencil icon next to the post. On the adventure log page, click on the ‘make a new post’ link. You will be taken to an editing page. On the right you will see a simple run down of basic Wiki Tools. These will help you format your text and include links.

  • Linking/Creating Pages:

Every entry you create makes a page, and each page has a unique title. So, if you want to link to an existing page, you use its title. You do that by putting the_exact_title name in double brackets. Here’s an example: sirians note.

You can link any bit of text to any page by using a different format. Here’s an example: ‘Read about it in the famous note.’ The format for these links is given in the Wiki Tools. Its not hard.

To create a page, you simply determine what you want the page’s title to be and create a link to it in a preexisting page. For example: my butt. A link will appear in red if there is no content associated with the page it links to. To add content, simply click on the red link and begin editing. Links to pages with content (existing pages) are blue. Thus, the Wiki is built from existing pages.

  • The Big Idea:

So, the idea is that we all collaborate on a different pages and build an encyclopedic knowledge base. We can all edit each other’s entries, so feel free to add information you think is missing. You can link to images and websites also, so add visual content where possible. The character creation page allows you to upload images to obsidianportal’s site so they can be saved there.


portal introduction

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