Known in draconic as “Iothstrix Irlym” and “Malsvir’svent” and in Notric as “Iothstrix’s Bane,” this sword was created nearly a century ago by Thumlin, Son of Thumril, Scion of Preandar Iron Hand, the famed dwarven blacksmith in the fabled forge Heart of the Iron Mountains with the aid of Raval the White and Nicom the Blue, magi of the Order of Horum. Its aim is to destroy evil dragons, though the hatred of Iothstrix felt by its creators seeped into the metal, and this intelligent blade harbors that hatred til this day. The blade of this sword appears a simple straight blade of cold iron, but when the wielder twisted the blade to examine the weapon a design appears to dance along the length of its keen blade, dragons seem to dance its length, though they, in truth, are cleverly wrought images etched into the blade at its making, gleaming the more in an ill lite space. The handle emerges from a simple hilt, itself a plain circular disc of adamantine, though bearing a similar etching here, the words, “ekess svent iothstrix malsvir muvif iothstrix vehafor.” Keen Holy Avenger LG Chr-14, Int-12, Wis-10, Speech and Telepathy, 60’ darkvision and hearing, Grants wielder continuous Darkvision 60’ Two lesser powers: Cure Moderate Wounds on wielder 2/day Zone of Truth 2/day One Greater Power: Magic Circle Against Evil at will Special Purpose: Slay CE dragons Power: 15d6 Greater Shout 1/day Ego: 25

Shield of Horum:

Horum Wyrmbane lived nearly 300 years ago, far to the west of Thornwood. Having lost his family in a war between evil dragons that ravaged his homeland, Horum dedicated his life to the eradication of all evil dragons. He was intitated as a Paladin of Bahumat at the age of 17 and fought alongside the legends of his age, including Rolaaqiun the Bright, an old Gold Dragon who defended the city of Exar-Kun, the fabled city of dragons founded in the last age. He quickly rose to the rank of Silvershield of Exar-Kun, the first human to achieve this level of recognition in the dragon army, and only one of three do have done so since. At the age of 60 he founded the Order of Horum, an order of Paladins on par with the Paladins of Bahumat in their dedication to protecting good and fighting evil dragons. He served as the order’s first Hyparchos until his death. Shortly before his death he traveled to the Heart of the Iron Mountains and commissioned a shield to be made. He named it “Bensvelk-o-Eligne”, Defense of the Right in draconic. When he died it was passed to the next Hyparchos of the order, who renamed it the Shield of Horum, and established the the tradition that it be held by the leader of his order in perpetuity. 150 years ago the Hyparchos of the Order of Horum was killed in a great battle with Sirian, the Tagavif’lowan of draconic legend. The shield was lost to history. The Shield of Horum Heavy Adamantine Shield of Fortification LG Chr-10, Int-10, Wis-12, Empathy, 30’ vision and hearing Lesser Powers Daylight 1/day Any but a paladin who wears this shield must make a Will DC 25 or take 150 points subdual damage and be stunned for 2d6 rounds. Any evil creature who faces the character holding this shield begins the encounter Unfriendly toward the holder. Any evil dragon who faces the character holding this shield begins the encounter hostile to the holder. Ego: 14


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