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Also, meet Handlebarrs...

Kick ass battle, just wait till next time

I just wanted to say that was a very interesting battle and very fun. I think we held up to a challenge, although I will have to say that the DM took it a little easy on us. We walked into a situation we were not prepared for. Given the dragon was an old ass son of a bitch. Someone should be dead according to my account, poor Aerwyn cold have been wasted and raised from the ashes. I am not happy about missing next week. I wish I could be there. So what I need is someone to videotape the whole episode. I will need it in DVD format, possibly with subtitles. Only in Icelandic!!!!!!!!

See you guys soon!

Where It Stands

...on the doorway of a vicious, smarter-than-average white dragon of unknown age. Goes by the name of Sher’avaeraal. Party’s in decent shape, I’d say.

The warforged wizard, Jeeves, is in good shape spell-wise, but 30 minutes to fill my new spell slots would help us all out a great deal (can anyone say Hide from Dragons?). I don’t know where Finstir is…


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