Lord Kelvin the Mad


Born in the 67th year of Meopera (47 Before Kelvin [BK]) this wizard of legend gathers an army to unite the human lands between the iron mountains and the Bay of Biscal. Before he was done, thousands lay dead. His final moments are shrouded in mystery. A cataclysmic battle between Kelvin and the Order of Ravared, on the fields north of the Dwarven keep at Bald Crag, ended with flash that scorched the fields for a mile around. Only one wizard came out of the battle alive and he refused to tell his tale.

Years later, 125 After Kelvin (AK) rumor has it that Kelvin returned when one of his minions, now near ancient in years, freed him from a prison wrought that day on the battle field. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Lord Kelvin the Mad

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