Aerwyn Telrúnya

Female Dragonstalker


Aerwyn 5’ 1” Silver eyes Silver hair 120 lbs 135 years old


Aerwyn was raised in a small village away from any large civilization. As a child in her village a black dragon came to terrorize her and fellow people of the land. She was spared, but was deeply traumatized by the experience. She grew up farming with her family and decided to go train to fight back. She moved to a larger village far away and started a mission of learning to fight dragons. She ran into a dragonstalker and found her calling. Yet, in her zeal for learning she did not choose a wise master. She was trained in the ways of slaying dragons, but in her free time she was made to fulfill the sexual desires of her master, Thranduil Faelivrin. He took advantage of her youth and inexperience every time that he got a chance. Aerwyn used this to her advantage. She suppressed her anger and pain and devoted it to her studies. She cared more about training to become powerful than anything that could be done to her body. After she was trained in her ways and sent out on some small quests to kill dragons for whatever reason, Thranduil let her out of his control. But, not without getting his way a couple more times. He branded her back, in Draconic “Dragon Stalker” and this is now forever a part of her. She has no complaints about her chosen path in this life. She lives everyday as if another quest is right around the corner. She greatly dislikes not having a purpose.

From that day on, Aerwyn has learned many things and continues to hunt dragons. She waits for the one day that she crosses paths with Thranduil again. She has made a personal vow to put a brand on her old master…

Aerwyn Telrúnya

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